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FAQs About Purchasing Trees

Recently, Bart Beale of Beale Corp shared some frequently asked questions about the trees that they sell:

Do you have smaller trees than 25 feet?

We have all different branching structures and heights.

Would these trees get too big and mess up my foundation of my house?

I don’t have an answer about your foundation since I am not sure how long you will live. I know I will be long gone before the roots of mine reach the house.

I noticed that these trees can get Root Rot and Canker Disease, is this a big problem in our area?

Not to my knowledge, I think I would have seen this at the farm by now since the trees are almost 8 years old. There are so many things that do not cost a mentionable amount of money that can be done to change soil conditiions over time. This eliminates a lot of the disease problems that may pop up down the road.

Do you plan for prevention of sunscald by planting the tree in the same direction to east and west as it is in its existing location. Is this an issue?

This is dependent on age of trees and is inherent in younger trees, not older ones.

Do you offer a guarantee on the trees?

This depends on your level of care. A few times a year I hear from folks who leave on vacation and forget to put a drip hose on a timer around them or they are attacked by a pest and wait till all the leaves fall off to call a pest guy. These are not usual occurrences but needed to be mentioned. Trees are living things and require food and water just as if you adopt a puppy. If your puppy gets mange because of a bad diet you cant return him. The reasons Home Depot and Walmart offer warranties on their material is because it is overgrown and wholesale growers are unloading it for nothing instead of repotting or treating the problems. Nurseries and wholesale tree growers like myself don’t typically do this because it all depends on how they are cared for.

All are grown in native Texas soil for between 6-8 Years in the ground on our various farms. All hardwoods are 4-6″ in caliper.

They equate to a little over a 300 gallon tree.


– Bart Beale – Beale Corp LLC

August 16, 2012 News & Tips